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15th Sunday of the Year

Year A

15th / 16th July 2017

  Services during the week

Monday – Word & Communion 10am

  Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday--10am  Holy Mass

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)

 is available after the 10am Mass Tuesday to Friday in the side Chapel and on request.


Lindisfarne Partnership News

Meeting on Tuesday 5th September at 7pm in St Paul’s.



Parish Council AGM 

The annual AGM meeting of the parish council will be

 held on Tuesday 18th July at 6.30pm in the parish room.

It has been agreed that the booklet which reports

on the parish groups will not be produced this year .

 Group representatives are invited to give us a short verbal report at the meeting.

This is an important time in the life of the parish so please come along.

 Our future depends on you. All are welcome. 



Congratulations to the group of 5 year 8 pupils who, after winning an award

from RHS garden project were put forward for a national award

 from Jewson's Builders for their community projects.

 We travelled to Nottingham last week and the pupils

 were presented with a £5000 award for their project.

 However, Jewson's were so impressed with the work they

 had put in to the design etc, they offered to do the garden makeover

 as volunteers, so last Tuesday and Wednesday there were 30+ builders

 from all over the North East giving their time to complete the garden before next week.

 It will be a legacy handed on to the first school as an outdoor learning space.

  Our sincere thanks to Jewson's Builders for their hard work. 


 The Northumberland Chapter of Lay Carmelites

has organised Mass on Sunday 16th July, at 2 pm, in Hulne Priory ruins,

 for the Feast of Our Lady of Carmel.
Exceptionally attendees may park beside the Priory.

All are most welcome to attend.


 Alnwick Music Festival

Sunday 30th July St.Paul's have a stall in the Market Place for Alnwick Music Festival.

 The challenge is to fill it with Cakes/Savouries/Jams/Preserves/Produce,

 in fact anything that will sell all contributions gratefully received.

 There are lists at the back of Church for donations and volunteers to

man the stall- from 9.30 - 4.30 ideally 2 per session 2 hourly stints.

Any problems speak to Mary/Chris/Jean.


Golden Weddings

Fr Peter and June will be celebrating their Golden Wedding

on Friday 28th July with a Mass at 7.00pm followed by light refreshments.

Everyone welcome!


 Chris and Mary Frater will have a blessing during Mass

 on Sunday 23rd July to celebrate 50 years of marriage.

 Please remember them in your prayers for continued good health and happiness.


The Catholic Certificate of Religious Studies

Make yourself indispensable with CCRS...

The Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) is important and relevant for all.

 The parish community, in collaboration with the home and school,

 has a privileged opportunity and responsibility to help

 all concerned to grow in their faith.

 This is a lifelong process.

 To achieve this we need to help those involved with parish catechesis to

share this vision and have an adult understanding of their faith.

 The Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) is designed

for people who are engaged in the communication of

 their Catholic Faith, whether directly or indirectly.

 It is open to catechists, people involved in liturgical work and other interested adults.

 The CCRS can provide general theological knowledge and

offer a better understanding of the Catholic faith.

 It will help participants to increase their practical application

 of the faith in their ministry in the Church.

 It provides the means to accurately and effectively communicate

 the principles of Catholic teaching.

 The Catholic Certificate of Religious Studies

Make yourself indispensable with CCRS...

Board of Religious Studies More details about start dates,

 fees and your nearest centre please visit the CCRS Website

More details about start dates, fees and your nearest centre

 please visit the CCRS Website www.brs-ccrs.org.uk or call us 0207 901 1900


In October 2018, the Synod of Bishops

will gather in Rome to consider ‘Young People, Faith, and Vocational Discernment.’

 In preparation for this, the Bishops of England and Wales would like

 to hear from young people and from those who are regularly in contact with them.

If you are aged 13-29, please take part in the Mega Youth poll at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/parish-youth-poll

Parents, teachers, catechists, youth leaders please participate in the poll at



   Coffee helpers.

The coffee helpers on a Sunday morning

 are reducing in number and more are needed.

 All that is required - set up, serve coffee etc., tidy up, takes approximately

 10mins before Mass and about 45 minutes after.

Although not many people attend it is a pleasant chatty time after Mass,

with time to catch up on the weeks' events.

So please please give it some thought and speak to

 Mary or Eileen, ideally 2 per session is good.


Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment.

In 2018, Pope Francis will meet Bishops and others to talk

 about Youth, Faith and Vocational Discernment.

At this gathering, they will discuss how the Catholic Church can

 accompany young people in their faith and help them to hear God’s call.

 If you are aged between 13-29 years old, the Catholic Church in England

 and Wales would like to hear from you, we want to hear what life is like,

 your thoughts on faith and connection with the Catholic Church.

 To help you tell us we have created a Mega Youth Poll

 that you can access using this link 


 or by searching for 'Catholic Mega Youth Poll.'

If you are over this age limit but would like to help,

 please encourage the young people you know to respond to this poll.

-- Thank You & God Bless


    Ushaw – 2017 Season 




11.00. – 5.00. WEDNESDAY –SATURDAY 

www.ushaw.org Tel 0191 373 8500


 St Pauls 100 Club.

June Draw

 1st   No.101 Monica Aitkin   2nd   No.57  Charlie Smissen

3rd   No.155John Carr


   For Those Renewing their DBS (previously known as CRB)

Once you have received a Confirmation of Identity form from the Safeguarding Department,

 please contact me to verify your identity or to answer any queries.

 Pam Slater 01665 510728 or e-mail: pam@alnwick-web.co.uk


The People’s Kitchen

Your response to our winter appeal has been amazing

It has been with a glad heart driving down to Newcastle car laden

 with warm winter gents clothing, shoes, boots etc and so much food.

They are always so amazed at the generosity of the parish of St Paul's

and pass on, as always, their grateful thanks to all who give so kindly. 

I give thanks to you all who donate, the need as ever continues.

Jean O'Hanlon


Catechesis In the Mission of the Church

The purpose of the course is to support those already involved in

catechesis in further developing their own faith and understanding and

 also to offer a structured programme for those interested in becoming a catechist.

  The modules offer time for prayer, teaching, reflection and also a time for questions.

Attendance at all sessions is required to obtain the

Diocesan Certificate in Catechesis but can be completed

at your own pace--you may wish to complete all modules in one year

 or you may wish to attend over a few years.

 The Bishop will award the certificate upon completion of the programme.

 All sessions run from 6pm —8pm.

Detailed module information is available on the church notice board

 or can be downloaded from the Diocesan website-www.rcdhn.org.uk


 Alnwick Food Bank

  Contributions could be left in the collecting bins at Costa Coffee,

the Co-op or Iceland in Alnwick or at the back of church.


The Deacon in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle

Have you felt a calling to the Diaconate?

Are you single and over 25?

Are you married and over 25?

Most candidates are in the world of work and continue

 to do so after ordination-indeed it is the role of the Deacon to have

one foot in the sanctuary and the other in the workplace.’

For more information please visit the Diocesan website:


Or contact Rev. Sean Hall on 0191 268 4222


  Red Mission Boxes

Will you please bring in your Mill Hill Red Boxes for counting.

  Thank you, James Bateman


  Mass Intentions

If you request a Mass Intention and would

 like a particular date or time could you

 please indicate this on your envelope and also provide

 a contact telephone number in case your

 preferred date /time is not available.

 Thank you.


St Martin’s Magazine

Edith Humphries has taken over the distribution of the above magazine.

If anyone still wants this, and is not in receipt of it,

 please contact Edith.



  this is an ongoing project so any further donations

 will be gratefully received.

Mary Frater



It is over 15 years since the floodlighting team

achieved their objective of floodlighting St. Paul’s.

 In the years since the running and maintenance

costs have risen considerably.

 We would therefore like to encourage you to help us

 by continuing lighting our Church by

buying or donating

 a night of light for £1 minimum or an amount of your choice. 

Thank you for supporting our fundraising for the running costs.



We request when parking in the Church grounds,

 you do so with due regard to other users.

 We ask you do not park near corners as some of us

 are getting a bit older and accidents do happen.

If you are parking at the front of Church, please remember

 that funeral and wedding cars need extra room.

 If you park of the streets nearby, please do not cause

 an inconvenience to the local people,

especially when disabled access may be needed.

Also would drivers please let their passengers out,

 then park as near as possible to the left thus enabling other cars

 to pass safely without having to drive over the grass on the right.

We have put a garden seat near the ramp for those who would like

to rest awhile in the quiet of the church grounds..

Thank you.



 When driving within the church grounds PLEASE keep to the 15mph speed limit. 

Expensive gravel is being displaced by overzealous drivers.

  Thank You.


PLEASE let us know

if a relative or neighbour has been taken to any of our hospitals,

 otherwise we will not be able to visit them.



With effect from 2 March 2015, the Notice of Marriage

 period will be extended from 15 days to 28 days.

 For couples subject to immigration check,

 this period will rise from 21 days to 70 days.

  This change will affect all couples giving notice of marriage.


   Offertory Collection

Did you know you can pay your weekly offertory donation

 via standing order or direct debit.

 In these days of internet banking it is so easy to make

 a regular payment to St Paul’s RC Church, Alnwick.

 You can still gift aid your donation by filling in the form at the back of church


Gift Aid Donation

The Gift Aid officer for St Paul's Church is Roisin Cowley.



Please save your used stamps and leave them at the back of church.

  Yvonne Douglas is saving them for cancer research.


Changes to Safeguarding

Due to recent changes in legislation the CRB has now ceased

 and has been replaced by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS).

 It is vital you confirm address details are up to date

 if you have moved house since your last CRB check.

 Please let Pam Slater know on 01665510728.

 Full details are outlined in the leaflet available at the back of Church.


Bereavement Support

If you, or someone you know, has recently been bereaved Hospice Care

 now provide support either in your own home or in a mutually convenient place.

  For more information see the leaflets in the back of church

 or phone the hospice on 01665 606512


 Space for Quiet Prayer

Our Quiet Space before the Tabernacle is working well.

 Thank you all. Please use it, if you would like to, before and after Mass,

 for silent prayer, in front of the Blessed Sacrament



The website is www.stpaulsalnwick.co.uk 

(not to be confused with the parish website www.stpauls-alnwick.co.uk )

containing lots of information about our schools and a

 chance to keep up to date with what is happening.

 Please visit our website.


Memoriam Book

The Memoriam Book placed in Our Lady’s Chapel

contains the names of family and friends of parishioners,

 each written under the date of their death.

 If you would like the names of your loved ones included,

 please fill in the form at the back of Church

and place it in the box provided.

 Fill in a separate form for each name, please.



Please be vigilant when you are in and about the Church.

Do not leave your valuables unattended in the church.


Nights of Light

Our Church looks particularly attractive at present with the flood lighting.

We depend on the Nights of Lights scheme to fund the lighting of the church.

If you would like to celebrate a important occasion,

please consider lighting up our church

If you would like the Church to be lit up for a special occasion,

please obtain a form from the back of the Church and hand it with your donation

to Tim Sewell, Fr Oliver, any of the Parish Council,

drop it through the letterbox at the Parish House

or download the form on the Nights of Light page

Minimum donation £1 per date!






Many ideas of fundraising are being suggested.

Perhaps you might be able to help in one of the following ways.

Win the Lottery and pay the lot!


Have a coffee morning or evening

Auction of Promises

Race Night

Brass Band Concert

Quiz Night

...and then there are your own ideas.

We need doers of the suggestions, not just suggestions!




The Convent Centre

If you wish to book the centre, contact the Caretaker,

Paul on his mobile 07845991512


Visitors GIFT AID

If you are a visitor to our parish and would like

St. Paul's Church to claim the tax back from your offering,

please use a special Gift Aid envelope from the back of the church.

Thank you.


In the absence of the priest, whom can we contact?

It is always good to be able to contact the priest of the

parish when you need information or in emergency.

But the parish house is not always manned.

In the absence of the priest, the number of a contact person

will be on the answering machine


Don’t Forget !!!

We invite you to join us for a Coffee or Tea after Sunday morning Mass in the Parish Room

when we can greet our visitors and share our ideas of the liturgy and other Church

matters.  Funds raised help provide for our Seasonal Celebrations with our older

parishioners and their friends.



Parishioners who find themselves in hospital should inform the staff that they are Catholic

and that they would like a priest to visit them while admitted.
Hospital staff are not permitted to enquire of a patient’s religion,

however they will contact a visiting priest for you should you let them know.

Hospital Referral Cards

It is becoming increasingly difficult to know when any

 of our parishioners have been admitted to hospital.

If you or any of your family are being admitted to any of our

 hospitals please let the priest know as soon as possible.

At the back of the church there are some hospital referral cards.

We would ask you to have one of these cards at home and if for any reason you have to stay

in hospital please hand it to the ward sister who will inform the hospital chaplain.

Please supply the patient’s name, ward and hospital.

Alternatively, a hospital referral card can be completed and given to Fr. Oliver.

Due to the unavailability of information regarding religious denomination of patients

in the RVI,  Freeman and Walkergate Hospitals, patients and relatives

must take responsibility to inform the hospital chaplain.

Tel 0191 232 1892.

The same situation applies to all our local hospitals and maybe care homes.

If you or a relative are going into hospital or one of our

 care homes please let the local priest know.

It will make our work much easier